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Yep that was me.

Thanks for the e-mails everyone. Go check out the store it’s a very welcome addition to the Edmonton Apple scene and joins My Mac Dealer and Mac Centric. Lots of photos on Flickr… more will be posted there soon. -Jonathan


NIN Gives Away New Full Length Album – the slip

Go get it ninjas.If you drop your e-mail at you can snag the link for the 24/96, yes the 24/96 download. Warm up the monitors this is gonna be good. PS – go see Iron Man.  read more | digg story


Rabbit Hill + WRX = Easyrider’s Rabbit Hill Snow Adventure. Warwick did a great job of the editing. All the details & thanks at that site go check it out! I’ll post more about the tech and some photos after I get some info back. (maybe even a B reel later in the month) I hope you have as much…

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Olympus 25mm 2.8

Olympus 420 & 25mm 2.8 out.  Image courtesy Olympus America. PR here  


Apple Retail Slivers in Canadian Best Buy

I hope to get some better pictures this one is off my iPhone, but the Apple setup in Best Buy is killer.  Go check it out if you can.     


Alberta Election

“The premier did say it was unfortunate that so few people voted. The turnout for the election was about 41 per cent, a record low.” –Source CBC——Bummer Eh? : If you voted a tip of the hat. If you didn’t a wag of the finger.      

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